FYHP is committed to a high standard of Corporate Governance and we have achieved full compliance with the Charities Governance Code.

Corporate Governance Structures:

The Board of Directors comprises of six members who come from a number of statutory agencies along with a number of volunteers from the business sector and the Community.


The Company Secretary is a member of FYHP: Niamh Carton (South Dublin County Council)

The Board meets on a monthly basis and usually has its AGM annually in April of each year.

There are three sub-committees that also report directly to the Board on a monthly basis. These are;



Education and Training

Accounts and Audits:

The FYHP publishes its accounts on an annual basis (2014 Financial Statements , 2015 Financial Statements, 2016 Financial Statements, 2017 Financial Statements, 2018 Financial Statements, 2019 Financial Statements, 2020 Financial Statements) and makes annual returns to the Company Registration Office (CRO No. 292907). The Board of Directors has appointed Thomas McCluskey of McCloskey & Co., Chartered Accountants & Registered Auditor, Apex Business Centre, Sandyford Industrial Estate, Dublin 18 as auditor for 2021.

FYHP is a company limited by guarantee and a registered charity (CHY 13327). FYHP’s Charity Registration Number is 20041175.