Fettercairn supporting Equilume Research – 24th October 2016

The Fettercairn Youth Horse Project is delighted to be part of the ongoing research on the Equilume Light Mask.

Equilume Light Mask

FYHP’s Biskit wearing the Equilume Light Mask

The Equilume Light Mask has been developed as a result of ground breaking research carried out by Dr Barbara Murphy in UCD’s School of Agriculture and Food Science, in collaboration with Professor John Sheridan, an optoelectronics researcher in UCD’s School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

Breeders around the world are using the Equilume Light Mask to eliminate the requirement to maintain their non-pregnant mares indoors under artificial lighting and to help pregnant mares foal on time while optimising foal birth weights.

The Equilume Light Mask is also being used to accelerate the transition from Winter to Summer coat. Right now our little trial in Fettercairn is to evaluate how well the Light Mask can slow down the return of the heavier Winter coat. Seven horses (with another seven acting as a control) are being monitored in relation to slowing down the return of the Winter coat using a combination of the Equilume Light Mask and Equilume Rug .

All at the Fettercairn Youth Horse Project wish Barbara and her team continued success in the research.