Traveller Horse Welfare Workshop in Fettercairn – 25th April 2017

A Traveller Horse Welfare Workshop, a joint initiative of the Fettercairn Youth Horse Project and the Tallaght Traveller Community Development Programme, was held on the 25th April 2017 at the stables in Fettercairn. The initiative, which was funded by the St Stephen’s Green Trust, was very successful.


FYHP Traveller Horse Welfare Clinic April 2017

There were twelve horses attended to by the Vet, Farrier and the Dentist. All of the horses received a full set of shoes and pins. Eleven of the horses were seen by the vet for overall health check, wormer and copper injection and by the dentist who removed a number of wolf teeth following sedation.

FYHP Traveller Horse Welfare Clinic April 2017

FYHP Traveller Horse Welfare Clinic April 2017

The work shop also incorporated a Traveller Men’s Health aspect. Approximately thirty persons had their blood pressure measured and there was a wide range of leaflet information present and availed of following the horse welfare activity.

All of the participitants enjoyed the day and said the event ran very smoothly. An evaluation of the day is at present underway which will include all of the participitants i.e. the Traveller men, Tallaght Traveller CDP, the vet, farrier and the dentist, and FYHP. It is hoped that the evaluation will help inform future welfare days.

FYHP would like to thank the St Stephen’s Green Trust for funding this event.